Chris Hanlin + Mary Scholz + Josh McIntosh house concert in Sonoma

By Inside Lands House Concerts (other events)

Saturday, March 23 2019 7:00 PM 10:00 PM

Join us for an intimate acoustic house concert featuring three of California's finest songwriters: Chris Hanlin, Mary Scholz and Josh McIntosh!

This show will be happening in the lovely home of our longtime friend and collaborator, Karen Shaw. If you were here for our show last July, you know what a cozy space it is. But seating is limited so be sure to reserve your seats now with an advance donation here at Ticketleap

If you prefer to make a cash donation in the tip jar at the show, please text (415) 706-3800 for address and directions. Note: Karen's house is located on Carriger Road in Sonoma. Specific address will be provided after RSVP or Ticketleap purchase.

Drew Pearce


Internationally touring singer/songwriter Mary Scholz is a live circuit favorite. Touring all over the US, Europe and the UK, the Philadelphia born, Los Angeles based artist is best known for her haunting, lyrical voice, her folk/rock melodies, thoughtful guitar work, and her personal connection to her audience on stage. Much of Scholz’s material addresses transition, with bittersweet melodies and lyrics that speak of the importance of knowing yourself, and the strength it takes to trust your intuition – to always move forward. Her 2014 release, The Girl You Thought You Knew laced folk with pop to walk through the struggles of ending a significant relationship (aka divorce). The record included the HMMA nominated Bridges We Burn. Her newest release, California, is a deeper dive into the more raw, organic side of Scholz’s songwriting, which has garnered her the nickname “Folk Explorer” with musicians in town. The LP was recorded live, in one room, to an Ampex 8 track tape machine, and is her first vinyl pressing. It is about moving forward. Continuing the journey.

Originally from Portland Indiana, Chris Hanlin made his way to Long Beach, near Los Angeles, after a failed romance in 1989. “I just threw my guitars and clothes in the car and drove to Southern California” said Hanlin. While there, he did what musicians in L.A. do; played bars and clubs and paid music “dues,” regularly performing with the edgy blues outfit Bourbon Jones, and his own musical outlet, the Dibs. While there, some of the folks he met were of Native American descent, Lakota Sioux to be exact, and soon Hanlin found himself at a reservation in South Dakota. It was there that he was told by the medicine man of the tribe that he was to write music and play; music that would ease specific feelings in people; anger, loneliness.

The vibe was so strong that Hanlin knew what he needed to do. With his newlywed wife Kelly, he packed up the car one more time and moved to Sonoma Mountain. Like many that arrive in Sonoma Valley, he came for a visit and knew this was where he needed to live. The album has been a years long, but deliberate project, with trips back and forth to Long Beach, where he had musicians and studio connections with film folks as well. The making of the album and its progress were recorded and there is a DVD to accompany the album.

The video for the single, “Come Back Baby,” was shot in the redwoods on Sonoma Mountain. The CD release party was also filmed. Even though the songs on the album were written to be able to be performed as a solo act, Hanlin wanted to recreate the process that took him years to accomplish as close to the recordings at least one time. Future plans include taking his solo performance on the road regionally, more with the house concert and listening group circuits. Hanlin will be enlisting a promoter friend out of Seattle to help with the logistics. “I’m a writer and performer” said Hanlin. “The business aspect of the music world has always been a mystery to me. I just want to play and bring music to the people.”

Though Josh McIntosh may be best known as the singer and lead guitarist of the band Blew Willie, in recent years, he's put out a stellar solo record and performed for fans throughout northern California with his new band Rattlesnakes in the Garden. If you're a fan of Van Morrison, Allman Brothers, and Bob Dylan, you are bound to dig the music Josh makes, too.