Kelly McFarling + Oona Garthwaite + Mike Gibbons

By Inside Lands House Concerts (other events)

Sunday, May 20 2018 4:00 PM 7:00 PM

Join us Sunday, May 20 for a house concert in Novato featuring renowned Bay Area singer-songwriters Oona Garthwaite, Kelly McFarling, and Mike Gibbons.

This acoustic music party will be a rare chance to hear these tremendously talented singer-songwriters performing for an intimate crowd in the perfect listening environment—the living room of a private home.

You can reserve your spot with an advance donation here on Ticketleap. The address and details will be sent to you after you make your Ticketleap donation. Suggested donation: $20. All donations go to the musicians.

Looking forward to seeing you on May 20!



Kelly McFarling is an Atlanta, GA born, San Francisco-based songwriter whose latest release, Water Dog, is a reflection on inward motion; on the way that water and its movement dominates our lives and bodies. It’s about love, trust, and how we come to know the things we know. Above all, it’s about the cycles of nature that have the power to be both grounding and destructive. “While I was writing these songs, I was thinking a lot about family, stability, and love; and I was simultaneously starting to spend more time in and around the ocean. I was getting in the water a lot, and it opened a conversation about the nature of flow; learning to move with changes, instead of against them.” Water Dog is a first for McFarling in many ways. It is the first record she has made without a band, the first time she approached recording without a deadline, and the first time she has explored stripped down instrumentation. “From the beginning, the idea was always to let the songs speak for themselves and try not to get in the way.”

Much like the art he creates, Mike Gibbons can be difficult to pin down. As a singer songwriter, he has released four albums, toured throughout the United States, and has shared the stage with successful modern Americana/Folk acts like Gregory Alan Isakov, The White Buffalo, and Jonathan Coulton. As a filmmaker, Gibbons has released three short films with Waterlust, a filmmaking collaborative of water enthusiasts whose films have been viewed well over a million times online. For Gibbons, integrating music, film, and photography was a natural fit. “I’m drawn to the adventure of traveling to natural, wild, untouched places—I find that in those spaces I most easily find my inspiration. The music, film, and photography all comes together to create a landscape for that adventure.” 

Oona Garthwaite was born into a musical family and just kept going. She picked up piano from her dad and her sister, guitar while living in Spain, and singing from some mysterious well within. Oona has played a lot of music with a lot of people, and counted a great many mentors. She is currently recording and performing as Marston, a trio laced with the the same vulnerability and power that have made Oona a memorable writer and vocalist since her earliest days.