Petracovich + Bobby Jo Valentine house concert

By Inside Lands House Concerts (other events)

Saturday, October 27 2018 7:00 PM 10:00 PM

Join us Saturday, October 27 for an Inside Lands house concert featuring acclaimed singer-songwriters Petracovich (Jessica Peters-Malmberg) and Bobby Jo Valentine.  

The show will be taking place in the living room of a private home, so space is limited. Be sure to reserve your seats with an advance donation here on Ticketleap. Address and details will be sent to you after your Ticketleap purchase. All donations go to the musicians.

Doors open at 7:00 pm. Music begins at 7:30pm. Seating is first come, first serve. If you have questions, feel free to call Drew at 415-706-3800.


Based out of San Francisco, Petracovich is Jessica Peters with an old-world version of her family name. Her great-grandfather came to the US from Russia at the turn of the century, and one of the only things Peters knows of Abraham Petracovich is that he loved to listen to the New York Opera from the radio in the living room. Out of respect for the music, he would always wear his best suit.

Many years later, his 9 year old great-granddaughter would be at the piano, practicing Chopin and Debussy, which evolved into long, blissful hours on a living-room floor, creating sounds and beats, twisting knobs, tinkering and writing.

Petracovich recorded her 3rd album, Crepusculo at Type Foundry in Portland, OR with John Askew of Tracker in 2008. Max Diez plays drums, Tad Wagner guitars, and this new sound fills the room with the live waves of piano, banjo, bells and harmonium. 

Crepusculo (Cray-poo-sku-low) means twilight in Spanish, the time between night and day when everything shifts to a glowing quiet. Recorded in February of 2008, Peters was pregnant with her first child, Otto Charles, and his tender energy is woven through the album. Life changed very suddenly as he was born and lived a short eight days. As loving and grieving this sweet life became the center of importance, the album was put on the shelf until the time was right to release it to the world and share the story of life and love and loss. The time has come for Petracovich to step back into the world with a bigger and wiser heart, arms open and singing about it all.

Petracovich's debut album, "blue cotton skin", was released in 2004. Its trip-hop lullabies were played on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic, as well as 200 other college stations. Tunes were placed in the movie the Fog and FX's TV show Over There. Peters and her husband packed up the van and toured the country, Peters solo with keyboards, laptop and microphone. 

Sophomore album We Are Wyoming was released fall of 2005, This album maintained the dreamy, head-in-the-clouds atmosphere of bcs, while discovering lovely roots in a slow alt. country/rock swing. Peters and her husband toured 45 cities nationally to promote this release and garnered great reviews, including a spot on the Boston Globe’s top 10 list of 2005. Critics said, “a perfect balance between rhythmic beats, atmospherics backdrops, striking images and angelic vocals.” (Paste Magazine – 4 to Watch for Feb 2006).


Somewhere deep in the heart of everything lies a melody. It speaks to our truest selves, binds us together with the ones we love, and brings out the best part of who we are. Bobby Jo Valentine is a singer/songwriter who chases after this particular kind of music. He writes songs that travel light, but that “grow deeper and deeper with each further listen”, the music publication Soundtrack to My Day describes. The poetic nature and focus of his stories and songs is something that, along with notable awards, has resulted in an incredibly loyal following of true patrons to his art, supporting Bobby in every way as he seeks to write more music that means something good, and sounds like the beautiful, terrifying world that we live in.

Hope-folk. Soul-pop. Poetic rock. Bobby Jo Valentine’s music exists outside the lines of any genre, but the music’s thoughtful lyrics and catchy melodies reach listeners on all paths of life. The authentic, universal, uncanny nature of his songs have won him Songwriter of the Year at West Coast Songwriter’s Association twice – in 2011 and 2015. He’s sold 16,000 albums and performed more than 500 concerts—all without a record label—and all because of devoted groups of fans and friends who grow in number after every concert.

His wide range of expression has made it hard for the industry to package, but it’s the same reason his songs are gaining a loyal following around the nation. A few songs have broken through the static. Bobby’s music has appeared on radio and television, including a commercial for the recent Ford Fusion ©, ABC’s The Morning Blend, and the award winning film The Groom’s Cake. His music has received airplay from KGO, KRSH, and other radio stations nationwide.

Born into a Baptist church of strict lines and sharp edges, and coming out of that culture to discover who he really is, Bobby is now a believer of a different sort: a believer in the wild, strange, beautiful nature of the world. Faith has come to mean something much deeper, wider, and less cut-and-dried than when he started. Now, Bobby finds that he often has more to learn from the people who don’t believe as he does than from those who do. Along with theatres, house concerts, and many other venues, churches around the nation frequently invite Bobby to offer his stories and songs, challenging us to question why we believe what we do and, most importantly, how that helps us be better humans in the world around us. Among others, he has been invited to perform for The Wild Goose Festival, the national Gay Christian Network conference, the international 2016 Emerge conference, the Kinship Festival, and the 2016 UCC Gathering in Southern California. He is ecstatic any time he can discuss the big questions, challenge the easy answers, and inspire people to move closer to love.

Speaking of love, Bobby loves a good love song, and is in great demand as a performer for weddings gay and straight, all over the country. He was named “Best in 2015” for ceremony music by The Knot, and has received more than 35 five-star reviews for his romantic, soulful singing.

Bobby is a proud supporter of equal rights for all people. He believes that we’re all in this together; that “the arc of the universe is long, but bends toward justice”; and that real justice means justice for everyone. Bobby is a constant supporter of LGBT rights and performs at Pride festivals and benefits and for LGBT youth programs all over the US. He has also been invited to perform for many child protection, child homelessness, and domestic violence prevention non-profits, including the national Safe Place Network.

When he isn’t touring the nation singing his songs for everyone who will listen, Bobby lives on the windy coastline of Northern California. His new album “Fox Eyes, Whale Heart” is available worldwide on iTunes and on his website.